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50 Ideas for sustainable cities

Creating sustainable cities requires technical, organizational and financial innovations, in order both to organize urban systems and to establish key business models. These are created when stakeholders collaborate across disciplines to bring creative approaches to new technologies. Fraunhofer's 'Morgenstadt - city of the future' initiative provides the space required to facilitate this kind of innovation and active work.

Posted: Oct 17th, 2013

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Solar panels can be used to provide heating and air conditioning

The use of solar panels to produce toilets hot water is standard practice, but researchers at the Madrid Universities Carlos III and Politécnica suggest that they may also be used to provide large offices with heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Posted: Oct 16th, 2013

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Australia and India to collaborate on clean fuel production

In a time when Australia's liquid transport fuel supplies are declining and our transport needs are growing, a research partnership between Australia and India could provide a solution to a number of energy concerns and ultimately reduce the reliance of both countries on imported fuels.

Posted: Oct 9th, 2013

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Study reveals urgent new time frame for climate change

The seesaw variability of global temperatures often engenders debate over how seriously we should take climate change. But within 35 years, even the lowest monthly dips in temperatures will be hotter than we've experienced in the past 150 years, according to a new and massive analysis of all climate models. The tropics will be the first to exceed the limits of historical extremes and experience an unabated heat wave that threatens biodiversity and heavily populated countries with the fewest resources to adapt.

Posted: Oct 9th, 2013

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