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Time Interval Counter with 1 Picosecond Single-Shot Accuracy

The Model 1120 represents a breakthrough in signal measurement with 1pS resolution on a single-shot. For repetitive waveforms, the jitter is typically 10 ps. The start and stop inputs allow for a wide dynamic threshold range and as well as slope select.

Posted: Mar 14th, 2011

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TAPPI Announces New International Nanotechnology Division

This Division will focus on nanotechnology for renewable materials, including the advancement of research and development for nanocellulose. The International Nanotechnology Division will not only concentrate on developments for traditional forest-based products like pulp, paper and building materials, but also on applications such as coatings, plastics, digital displays, military body armors, and medical implants, among others.

Posted: Mar 10th, 2011

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