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Beneq's Comprehensive Industrial Thin Film Coating Services Shorten Time to Market

To make it easier for customers to enter the thin film market, Beneq now offers a unique collection of coating services at its facilities in Espoo, Finland. This lowers the risk of new product development and provides a safe path for scaling up to industrial production. Beneq's capabilities in thin film coating services cover many upcoming commercial technologies.

Posted: Jun 18th, 2013

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Angstron Materials Ramps Up Development of Graphene Anode Material

Angstron Materials Inc., took delivery of specialized HVAC and dehumidification equipment early this year to complete new dry rooms in building space adjacent to its manufacturing facility. The dry rooms provide a controlled environment for accelerated development and production of Angstron's nano graphene anode material for high performance batteries.

Posted: Jun 12th, 2013

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