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IBM and Hitachi Form Research Collaboration to Study Chip Characteristics at Near Atomic Scale

International Business Machines Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that they have signed a unique, two-year joint semiconductor metrology research agreement in order to speed the pace of semiconductor innovation. The agreement marks the first time Hitachi and IBM have collaborated on semiconductor technology - the two companies currently work together on enterprise servers and other products.

Posted: Mar 10th, 2008

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Credit Suisse Launches Global Nanotechnology Index

Credit Suisse expects nanotechnology to make a breakthrough in the near future. Many new materials, applications and services currently under development are likely to emerge in the next decade and revolutionize everyday life. Therefore, Credit Suisse has developed the Credit Suisse Global Nanotechnology Index, which focuses on companies offering nanotechnology products.

Posted: Mar 7th, 2008

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Big Growth in 'Small' Biz

Swagelok was just one of many businesses exhibiting at the third annual NanoFocus state conference at the Cox Center in downtown Oklahoma City. The event, sponsored by the Oklahoma NanoTechnology Initiative and the state Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, will conclude today.

Posted: Mar 7th, 2008

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A123Systems Signs Production Contract for Think Electric Vehicles

GE announced it is ramping up its efforts to enable global electrification of transportation by investing in Norwegian electric car manufacturer Think, which unveiled a five-seat crossover concept car in Geneva today. To power its vehicles, Think has signed a commercial supply agreement with lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123Systems. GE is in a unique position to help both companies commercialize technology to make electric transportation practical and affordable.

Posted: Mar 5th, 2008

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