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Detecting electrosmog on the circuit board

The smaller the components in electronic circuits, the more interference-prone they are. If the components are too densely packed, they can interfere with one another. A near-field scanner can accurately detect weak fields and help to protect bank cards against fraud.

Posted: Apr 2nd, 2009

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A persistent spin state could revolutionize spintronics

By controlling the collective spin state of highly mobile electrons in semiconductors, researchers in the Materials Sciences Division (MSD) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have taken a major step forward in the technology of spintronics.

Posted: Apr 2nd, 2009

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Surface smoothing increases carbon nanotube luminescence 40-fold

By developing a process in which a chemical 'sleeve' tightly wraps itself around the nanotube, scientists managed to not only create a smooth new surface on the nanotube but also to 'clean' its underlying exterior of defects in a way that has never been accomplished before.

Posted: Apr 1st, 2009

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