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Verlustfreier Strom mit Quantenturbo

Wann ein Metallteilchen den elektrischen Widerstand verliert, ist auch eine Frage seiner Groesse. Die Temperatur, unterhalb derer ein Material zu einem Supraleiter wird, kann naemlich drastisch steigen - wenn der Stoff als Nanokuegelchen mit bestimmtem Durchmesser vorliegt.

Posted: Jun 8th, 2010

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'Nanocoax' solves solar cell 'thick and thin' dilemma

A nano-scale solar cell inspired by the coaxial cable offers greater efficiency than any previously designed nanotech thin film solar cell by resolving the 'thick and thin' challenge inherent to capturing light and extracting current for solar power.

Posted: Jun 7th, 2010

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Substantial increase of EU Research Grants - SusChem organizes FP7 info-day 2010 for the chemical industry

In 2010 several hundreds of millions of Euros will be available for funding innovative projects in the chemical industry for instance in FP7 NMP (Nano-Materials-Production) with topics such as modelling and control of intensified process systems for chemical and biotechnological processes and new materials for new energy efficient building components or lighter vehicles.

Posted: Jun 7th, 2010

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