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Biodegradable polymers made by chemical vapor deposition

Researchers have now introduced the first CVD method for producing degradable polymers. Biomolecules or drugs can be attached by means of special side groups. This introduces new possibilities for applications like the coating of biodegradable implants.

Posted: Dec 1st, 2016

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Researchers take first look into the 'eye' of majoranas

Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer. An experiment by physicists has confirmed their theory that Majorana fermions can be generated and measured on a superconductor at the end of wires made from single iron atoms.

Posted: Dec 1st, 2016

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Tailor-made membranes for the environment

By inserting foreign atoms into the crystal lattice, a novel membrane is more stable and can be used at lower temperatures. However, the greatest achievement is the increased hydrogen flow.

Posted: Nov 30th, 2016

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