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Medical nanoimaging pinpoints cause of cataracts

At the Institut Curie, Simon Scheuring has for the first time observed a diseased tissue at very high resolution using atomic force microscopy (AFM). By studying the membranes of cells in a patient's eye cataract, Scheuring has discovered the molecular cause of this disease.

Posted: Oct 15th, 2007

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Free 10-hour nanotechnology course

In case you get bored this weekend and want to brush up on your nanotechnology skills, Glenn Fishbine has posted a free nanotechnology course on his website.

Posted: Oct 13th, 2007

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Nanoengineers mine tiny diamonds for drug delivery

Researchers have shown that nanodiamonds - much like the carbon structure as that of a sparkling 14 karat diamond but on a much smaller scale - are very effective at delivering chemotherapy drugs to cells without the negative effects associated with current drug delivery agents.

Posted: Oct 12th, 2007

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