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Research identifies 3D structure of key nuclear pore building block

Guarding access to the nuclear chamber is the job of large, intimidating gatekeepers known as nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), which stud the nuclear membrane, filtering all of the biochemical information passing in or out. In new research, scientists have for the first time glimpsed in three dimensions an entire subcomplex of the NPC.

Posted: Jun 8th, 2009

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Manipulating light on a chip for quantum technologies

A team of physicists and engineers at Bristol University has demonstrated exquisite control of single particles of light - photons - on a silicon chip to make a major advance towards long-sought-after quantum technologies, including super-powerful quantum computers and ultra-precise measurements.

Posted: Jun 6th, 2009

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Scientists studying the 'colossal magnetoresistance effect'

Millions of people today carry around pocket-sized music players capable of holding thousands of songs, thanks to the discovery 20 years ago of a phenomenon known as the 'giant magnetoresistance effect,' which made it possible to pack more data onto smaller and smaller hard drives. Now scientists are on the trail of another phenomenon, called the 'colossal magnetoresistance effect' which is up to a thousand times more powerful and could trigger another revolution in computing technology.

Posted: Jun 6th, 2009

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Skyscraper approach to nanoelectronics

Scientists based at the University of Georgia, US, have grown conjugated polymer brushes directly onto monolayers, producing films with thicknesses less than 42 nanometres.

Posted: Jun 5th, 2009

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