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University launches 2 nanotechnology startup companies

Wake Forest University has launched two startup companies, FiberCell and PlexiLight, to turn breakthrough technologies developed at the university‚??s Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials into products for the commercial marketplace.

Posted: Jul 20th, 2007

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Atoms or molecules? Both!

Scientists have succeeded in observing a quantum state that represents a pure superposition of atoms and molecules. Instead of being either two single atoms or two-atomic bound molecules the pairs oscillate between both states.

Posted: Jul 20th, 2007

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Natural 'workbench' for nanoscale construction

Engineers have taken a step toward simplifying the creation of nanostructures by identifying the first inorganic material to phase separate with near-perfect order at the nanometer scale. The finding provides an atomically tuneable nanocomposite 'workbench' that is cheap and easy to produce and provides a super-lattice foundation potentially suitable for building nanostructures.

Posted: Jul 17th, 2007

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