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Revolutionary nanotechnology: wet or dry?

The IEEE Spectrum blog has an entry today titled "Revolutionary nanotechnology: wet or dry?": Somewhere along the line, the advocates for molecular nanotechnology seem to have lost interest in actually seeing molecular manufacturing come to pass if it meant that the concepts of the mechanically engineered approach (Dry) are abandoned in favor of a biologically engineered method (Wet).

Posted: Jun 11th, 2007

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Surface transforms self-organization

Future organic electrical and optical devices could be based on thiophenes, including oligothiophenes, because of their potential for improved and tunable properties.

Posted: Jun 7th, 2007

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Consumer Report's first nanotechnology test

Consumer Report has been testing sunscreens for its July issue. Of the eight products tested for nanoparticles, all contained them, but the tests found no correlation between their presence and sun protection.

Posted: Jun 6th, 2007

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