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Health dangers of inhaling nanoparticles

The nose, usually the first line of defense against inhaled airborne particles that could damage the lungs, may itself be susceptible to the dangers of nanoparticles, which are less than 100 nanometers in size.

Posted: Feb 17th, 2006

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Novel nanoparticles for specific tumor targeting

Specific targeting of tumor cells is an important goal for the design of nanotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer. A subset of viruses with natural affinity for receptors on tumor cells could be exploited for nanotechnology applications.

Posted: Feb 13th, 2006

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Counting Individual Biomolecules Using Color-Coded Nanoparticles

Using two brightly colored fluorescent nanoparticles, a team of investigators has developed a method of counting single biomolecules as they flow through the channels of a microfluidics device. With additional work, this new approach to molecular detection could lead to earlier diagnosis of cancer and provide researchers with a versatile tool for studying single molecule processes inside living cells.

Posted: Feb 13th, 2006

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Novel polymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

By combining a nanoparticle made of a polymer produced by a slime mold with a cancer targeting agent and two therapeutic antisense nucleic acids, an international team of researchers has created a new type of nanoparticle that accumulates in brain tumors when injected into mice. Laboratory tests also demonstrated that this multifunctional nanoparticle stops malignant glial cells from producing two proteins that these cells need to grow.

Posted: Feb 13th, 2006

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Researchers create water-soluble carbon nanotubes

Researchers at NJIT have developed a quick and simple method to produce water-soluble carbon nanotubes. They report that the new nanotubes are 125 times more water soluble than existing ones. In addition, the new nanotubes, following a short heat treatment, can conduct electricity as well as the non-soluble ones.

Posted: Feb 10th, 2006

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Structure of a Molecular Scale Circuit Component

At Brookhaven National Laboratory, researchers have determined the structure of an experimental, organic compound-based circuit component, called a "molecular electronic junction", that is only a few nanometers in dimension.

Posted: Feb 9th, 2006

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