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Elastic invisibility cloak allows to hide from touching

In the past years, invisibility cloaks were developed for various senses. Objects can be hidden from light, heat or sound. However, hiding of an object from being touched still remained to be accomplished. Scientists have now succeeded in creating a volume in which an object can be hidden from touching.

Posted: Jun 21st, 2014

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Materials for the building industry - a shape-conscious alloy (w/video)

Shape memory alloys, or SMAs, possess the ability to return to their original shape after being severely deformed, either spontaneously or following the application of heat. This makes them useful materials, not just for making spectacle frames but also for technical applications such as thermostats, stents and micro-actuators.

Posted: Jun 20th, 2014

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Smart design and nanotechnology to cut aircraft operational costs

The SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) project has focused on the potential application of new materials at specific design phases. By integrating different materials for the wing for example, the consortium has demonstrated that they can achieve a 6 % reduction in drag, meaning that less fuel is needed to complete a flight.

Posted: Jun 19th, 2014

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One step to solar-cell efficiency

Scientists have created a one-step process for producing highly efficient materials that let the maximum amount of sunlight reach a solar cell.

Posted: Jun 19th, 2014

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Liposuction goes nanotech

A new biomedical start-up says it may have found a novel way to improve the liposuction procedure using gold nanoparticles to literally melt fat.

Posted: Jun 18th, 2014

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