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New form of graphene could revolutionize thermal management

A new form of graphene created by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin could prevent laptops and other electronics from overheating, ultimately, overcoming one of the largest hurdles to building smaller and more powerful electronic devices.

Posted: Jan 9th, 2012

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Mechanics of carbon nanotubes

Parts of this book are based on the fundamental research work on the basic methods for nanoscale mechanics during the initial stages of the establishment of Nanotechnology Programs at the NASA Langley Research Center (Hampton, Virginia) and the university-based ICASE Institute (NASA Langley Research Center).

Posted: Jan 9th, 2012

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3-dimensional view of 1-dimensional nanostructures

Researchers at Northwestern University have recently reported that individual gallium nitride nanowires show strong piezoelectricity - a type of charge-generation caused by mechanical stress - in three dimensions.

Posted: Jan 6th, 2012

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