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Intense two-color double X-ray laser pulses: a powerful tool to study ultrafast processes

A team working at the SACLA X-ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) in Japan has succeeded in generating ultra-bright, two-color X-ray laser pulses, for the first time in the hard X-ray region. These light pulses with different wavelengths, whose time separation can be adjusted with attosecond accuracy, are powerful tools to investigate the structure of matter and the dynamics of ultrafast physical processes and chemical reactions.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2013

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Closing the gap: The impact of nanotechnologies on the global divide

In light of debates that make nanotechnologies responsible for a further widening of the aforementioned divide, this new report analyses this Nano-Gap, or Nano-Divide, by examining the pros and cons of nanotechnologies and their impact global development and the on-going fight against poverty.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2013

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Researchers discover nanoscale shape-memory oxide

A research team at Berkeley Lab has discovered a way to introduce a recoverable strain into bismuth ferrite of up to 14-percent on the nanoscale, larger than any shape-memory effect observed in a metal. This discovery opens the door to applications in a wide range of fields, including medical, energy and electronics.

Posted: Dec 3rd, 2013

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