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Licht-Pärchen aus Quantenpunkten

Kleine Halbleiterstrukturen zeigen ähnliche Quanteneffekte wie einzelne Atome. Solche sogenannten Quantenpunkte nutzen Physiker der Universität Innsbruck, um paarweise Lichtteilchen zu produzieren. Das Team um Gregor Weihs kann so erstmals gezielt einzelne Photonenpaare erzeugen und auch direkt nachweisen.

Posted: Mar 29th, 2013

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Magnetic fingerprints of interface defects in silicon solar cells detected

Using a highly sensitive method of measurement, HZB physicists have managed to localize defects in amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells. Now, for the first time ever, using computer simulations at Paderborn University, the scientists were able to determine the defects' exact locations and assign them to certain structures within the interface between the amorphous and crystalline phases.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2013

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Polymer nanofibers for chemical and biological decontamination

Scientists are developing unique systems aimed at the spontaneous decontamination of a variety of materials via the incorporation of functional additives such as quaternary ammonium salt (QAS) biocides, polyoxometalates (POMs), fullerenes, and phthalocyanines capable of neutralizing chemical and biological agents.

Posted: Mar 27th, 2013

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