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Minimalist swimming microrobots

Researchers have developed a fabrication method for swimming microrobots with minimalist geometric requirements, reducing technological constraints.

Posted: Jul 19th, 2016

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'Jumping film' harnesses the power of humidity (w/video)

Scientists have developed a film that curls up and straightens out autonomously when exposed to tiny, barely measurable changes in ambient humidity. When irradiated with ultraviolet light, which causes changes in the film?s ability to absorb and desorb water, it can even 'jump' into the air.

Posted: Jul 18th, 2016

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Scientists glimpse inner workings of atomically thin transistors

With an eye to the next generation of tech gadgetry, a team of physicists has had the first-ever glimpse into what happens inside an atomically thin semiconductor device. In doing so, they discovered that an essential function for computing may be possible within a space so small that it's effectively one-dimensional.

Posted: Jul 18th, 2016

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