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New solution-processable 3D transparent conductive film - heads up for electronics devices

Novel 3D transparent conducting electrode which potentially leads to cheap and energy efficient electronics could impact vast mainstream commercial applications, ranging from displays, lighting, batteries to solar cells. Scientists from Singapore's National University of Singapore have developed a 3-dimensional architectured transparent conductor (TC) made of Ga:ZnO directly on glass substrates via a low-temperature aqueous route.

Posted: Jul 16th, 2012

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Toughened silicon sponges may make tenacious batteries

Researchers at Rice University and Lockheed Martin reported this month that they've found a way to make multiple high-performance anodes from a single silicon wafer. The process uses simple silicon to replace graphite as an element in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, laying the groundwork for longer-lasting, more powerful batteries for such applications as commercial electronics and electric vehicles.

Posted: Jul 16th, 2012

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Success in self-assembly of quantum dots with world's highest density

The NIMS Photonic Materials Unit is developing an advanced self-assembly technique for semiconductor quantum dots called droplet epitaxy, which is an original NIMS technology, and recently succeeded in the development of a new self-assembly technique for quantum dots with the world's highest surface density, greatly exceeding the previously reported value.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2012

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