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Flexible tapes from the nanoworld

Via direct coupling on a silver surface, scientists successfully formed dimers and short chains of porphine molecules without contaminating by-products.

Posted: Aug 13th, 2014

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Making eco-friendly 'pre-fab' nanoparticles

A team of materials chemists, polymer scientists, device physicists and others today report a breakthrough technique for controlling molecular assembly of nanoparticles over multiple length scales that should allow faster, cheaper, more ecologically friendly manufacture of organic photovoltaics and other electronic devices.

Posted: Aug 12th, 2014

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Watching molecules 'dance' in real time

A new technique which traps light at the nanoscale to enable real-time monitoring of individual molecules bending and flexing may aid in our understanding of how changes within a cell can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Posted: Aug 12th, 2014

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