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Postdoctoral Researcher (Spin dynamics in two-dimensional heterostructures)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Employment Start Date: Flexible/to be discussed

Organization Description:

The Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2 – Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) is a non-profit international research institute located close to Barcelona, Spain. Its research lines focus on the newly discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the fascinating behaviour of matter at the nanoscale.

Job Description:
Project supervisor & hosting group
Prof. Sergio O. Valenzuela, Group Leader of the PEN group, will supervise the Fellow. The PEN group, which comprises three senior researchers, three postdoctoral fellows and four PhD students, is widely recognized for the first fully electrical detection of the inverse SHE, and for its work on spin ratchets, spin transport in graphene and magnetization fluctuation research. The group currently hosts pioneers on spin pumping, magnetic tunnel magnetoresistance, and scanning probe techniques, and owns state-of-the-art equipment for the growth of two-dimensional materials and heterostructures by MBE and CVD, for device nanofabrication, and for low-noise magneto-transport measurements covering a broad range of temperatures (10 mK - 300 K), frequencies (dc to 50 GHz) and magnetic fields (up to 9 T). Prof. Valenzuela has been awarded the 2009 IUPAP Young Scientist Medal in the field of Magnetism, and currently leads a European Research Council (ERC) grant and an experimental effort within the Graphene Flagship, which is focused on spin transport. Collaborations with the ICN2 groups of A. Mugarza and S. Roche are envisioned.
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Planned Secondments
Depending on the candidate profile, two possible secondments will be considered:
1- Prof. Laurens Molenkamp and Dr. Charles Gould, the University of Würzburg. Prof. Molenkamp is full professor and head of both the Experimental Physics 3 chair and the MBE unit. He is internationally renowned for his work on spin Hall effect and topological insulators. Dr. Gould is a senior researcher, managing the Spintronics, novel magnetic materials and graphene research activities.
2- Dr. Laurent Vila, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives Institut Nanosciences et Cryogénie, Grenoble. Dr. Vila has realized pioneering work on the spin Hall effect.

A PhD in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Physics or a related field is required. The applicants must have experience in electronic-transport techniques and show motivation, independence, excellent disposition towards challenging research problems, and a good level of the English language. Experience with micro/nanofabrication techniques, such as electron-beam lithography, atomic force microscopy, UHV experiments, RF and synchrotron techniques (e.g. FMR, XMCD measurements), or electronic transport in graphene will be valued.

Job Application:
How to apply:
If you are an eligible candidate interested in applying, please do contact to get you in contact with the Hosting Group.
Date Posted: October 3, 2016