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PhD Student - Energy Storage materials and devices.
Employer: South Dakota State University
Location: Brookings, SD, United States
Employment Start Date: May 15, 2013

Organization Description:


We are looking out for a new Phd student in our group for doing research on Energy Storage materials and devices.



The Organic Electronics group in the Department of Electrical Engineering at South Dakota State University has a PhD  open position starting Summer/Fall 2013. Organic Electronics group is led by Professor Qiquan Qiao and comprises of 16 members including 7 Phd , 5 Masters and 3 ndergraduate students. Applicants with masters degree in electrical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry or related fields are welcome to apply.

Applicants must have completed masters(or going to soon) and should have given GRE test to apply for this position.  Applicants with knowledge and interest in one of more of the following is desired

1. Solution processing of inorganic nanostructures
2. Nanoscale characterization of thin films using novel Scanning probe techniques
3. Charge transport in disordered materials and devices (solar cells, supercapacitors, batteries etc.)

This position requires the candidates to have hand-on knowledge and quick learning ability to perform meticulous research on the assigned topic. 

Job Description:


Selected candidate will be supported with continuous  financial support via stipend and will have access to state of the art research facilities such as 


  • Device Fabrication - Class 1000 clean room, mbraun glove box with evaporator, Schlenk lines, Drying ovens, Rotary evaporator, fume hoods, High vacuum Torr Sputtering system, Photolithography etc.
  • Optical Characterization - Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, Agilent UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, Edinburgh FLS 920 fluorescence spectrophotometer,Ultrafast (Femtosecond) Fluorescence Spectroscopy etc.
  • Electrical Characterization - Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer for I-V,C-V and EQE measurements, Princeton Applied research's potentiostat, HP Impedance analyzer, Keithley source meter combined with Xe arc AM 1.5 solar simulator
  • Transient photocurrent and photovoltage measurement setup using Nanosecond pulsed laser
  • Raman Spectroscopy and XRD
  • Microscopic Facilities - Hitachi Scanning electron microscope, Agilent 5500 high resolution Scanning Probe microscope capable of STM, c-AFM, tapping mode, EFM/KFM, SCM, Dektak Profilometer  etc.
  • Access to many other facilities through collaborators such as TEM, SERS, Electrospinning, etc.


Since its an immediate opening candidates must have given TOEFL already.

Job Application:

Please send CV to

Date Posted: March 25, 2013