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PhD or Post-Doc
Employer: Micro-Nano-System Lab
Location: Rome, Italy
Employment Start Date: As soon as possible

Organization Description:

Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Tor Vergata

Job Description:

We look for three excellent and highly motivated young researchers (at PhD or post-doc levels) with strong background in:
ANALOG ELECTRONICS (1 position, 1 year) 
MEMS (1 position, 1 year)
ZnO nanowires (wet-chemistry) fabrication and characterization (1 position, 1 year).
Extensions of the grants are possible.

The successful candidates will join a large cross-disciplinary research effort for increasing the efficiency of piezoelectric nanogenerators [1-4] by improving modeling, nano-fabrication, devices, and electronics. The research will be supported by Italian and FP7 projects led by Dr. Christian Falconi [4-10]. 
Salary is about €1000 per month (after taxes) for PhD students and ranges from €1400 to €2500 per month (after taxes) for post-doc students.

Interested candidates should contact

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Experience in MEMS or in analog/digital electronics.

Job Application:

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Date Posted: September 7, 2012