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Pre-doc Position (Ultra-versatile Nanoparticle Integration into Organized Nanoclusters)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Employment Start Date: May 15, 2013

Organization Description:

IREC is the leading centre for research in the energy sector in Catalonia. Created in 2008, it is specialised in Technological Research and Development activities related to saving energy, energy efficiency and renewable energies; more specifically, it has work lines based on technologies related to micro networks, electric vehicles, energy storage, building efficiency, bioenergy and biofuels, and offshore wind energy. 

Job Description:
The UNION project will develop nanoparticle assembly techniques, and assembly monitoring technologies to prepare novel hierarchically-ordered nanoparticles clusters (NPs). In particular, the project will investigate how emergent properties of the assemblies are determined by the architecture of the assembly, the extent of order, and the properties of the component NPs.

This will enable tuning of the primary NP properties and the assembly processes to develop significant breakthroughs in nano-devices and next generation complex nanotechnology products.

The candidate will carry out a multidisciplinary activity with the final aim to produce nanocomposites from the bottom-up assembly of colloidal nanoparticles and test their functionality.


The candidate must have a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Material Science or equivalent. Previous experience in the preparation, assembly, manipulation, characterization and use of colloidal nanoparticles will be very valuable for the position.
Job Application:
CV and a motivation letter have to be sent to Dr. Andreu Cabot (
The recruitment process will follow the guidelines of the European Charter of Researchers.

Further information can be directly obtained from: Dr. Andreu Cabot (

Date Posted: April 15, 2013