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Pennsylvania State University - Biofunctionalized Nano-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (BioNEMS) Laboratory

The Penn State BioNEMS group, led by Prof. Tony Jun Huang, is a multidisciplinary research team that explores nanoscience and nanotechnology at the interface of physics, materials, engineering and biology (Fig.1). Their mission is to 1) understand the physical laws that govern material properties as they scale from molecular to nano to micro to meso to macro, 2) explore hierarchical nanomanufacturing techniques for the generation of micro/nano structures with controllable molecular architectures and functionality, and 3) develop micro/nano devices to benefit medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Address: 212 Earth-Engineering Sciences Building
City: University Park
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Postcode: 16802-6812
Country/Region: USA
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