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Avantes is a leading company in the field of low cost spectroscopy and fiber optic applications. They offer miniature spectrometer systems for on-line measurements and analysis, which consist of a spectrometer, light source, fiber optic cables or other fiber optic based sampling apparatus.
C2V is specialized in OEM handheld analytical instrumentation, MEMS product development & foundry services and software tools for the design of microsystem and photonic devices. C2V's micro and nanotechnology combined with their micro GC technology platform plays an important role in enabling new capabilities for LAB analysis via improvement in separation methods, detectors, level of integration and reduction of costs.
CPS Instruments Europe delivers ultra-high resolution nano particle size characterisation systems based on the powerful technique of differential centrifugal sedimentation (DCS).
DELMIC products are focused on high performance, user friendly, integrated, solutions. The company has two product lines: The SECOM platform for correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy, primarily used in the life sciences. The SPARC system for high-performance cathodoluminescence detection, primarily used in nanophotonics.
A supplier of analytical instrumentation and software for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF).
SmartTip specializes in the design, production and packaging of dedicated special purpose SPM probes.
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