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As the recognized global leader in power technologies, ABB is conducting research in nanotechnologies. For instance, ABB is perfecting a nano-structured sliding bearing that works in MV and HV switchgear without oil, offering lower operating costs and less environmental impact.
Eulitha manufactures large-area periodic nanostructures with uniquely high resolution and quality. The resolution (half-pitch) of the structures is below 20 nm and the patterns are free of defects such as stitching errors found in e-beam made ones. Eulitha provides one-dimensional linear gratings and two-dimensional dot arrays or grids.
NanoSys GmbH is active in the manufacture of nanoscaled chemical layers for all different substrates and functions, be it the improvement of corrosion resistance, hydrophobizity of pure and painted wood, hydrophobizity of sandstone, bricks and concrete, improving adhesion of paints to all sorts of plastics, easy to clean properties of surfaces, etc.
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