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At IPCMS, the Group of Nonlinear Optics is involved in several studies in Photonics, trying to open new ways for tomorrow's applications. The group is developing and exploring the potentials of spin photonics with the objectives of processing information at 100 GHz and 1 Terabits/square inch.
Taking a top-down approach to nanoscience.
The main promising applications are forecast in the fields of optical interconnects in CMOS integrated circuits and optical communications, where silicon can provide low cost solutions. Strong potential also exists in the development of silicon nanostructures for biophotonics. Studies in this field have been performed for many years in this group (MINAPHOT). They mainly work on the design, the fabrication of test devices in our cleanroom and the characterization.
The STEM Group is a world leading electron microscopy group. Research areas include nanotubes and nanostructures, computational nanoscience, and electromagnetic response of nano-objects.
Nano research focuses on carbon nanotubes and nanocomposites
Banhart's group at the University of Strasbourg focusses on carbon nanostructures and irradiation effects.
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