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The artificial NOSE (nanomechanical olfactory sensors) demonstrator is based on microfabricated nanomechanical cantilever sensors.
'Nanoscale Science' as a National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) is a long-term interdisciplinary research effort focusing on nanoscale structures and aiming to provide new impact and ideas for the life sciences, for the sustainable use of resources, and for information and communications technologies.
Calzaferri's research in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry deals with Luminescent molecules and quantum-sized particles in the cavities and channels of zeolites. The group develops develop highly organized dye-zeolite materials for nanosensors and photoelectronic devices.
The Fink Group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of novel multifunctional and/or hybrid particles and materials for a variety of applications, predominately in biology and medicine. The group works on a variety of interdisciplinary research projects ranging from reactor development and nanoengineering to biotechnology and surface chemistry. While addressing fundamental problems, our research efforts are also highly relevant to important societal issues such as environment and sustainability, human health and nanobiotechnology.
(site in German) Im Fokus der Fachgruppe Funktionelle Materialien und Nanotechnologie liegen die Modifizierung und Analytik von Oberflächen sowie die Entwicklung von Anwendungen im Bereich der Chemie und Biologie: Funktions- und Biomaterialien; Nanotechnik; Oberflächenanalytik; Filtrationsmethoden in der industriellen Chemie.
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