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Worldwide Nanowire Suppliers

Nanowires are ultrafine wires or linear arrays of dots, formed by self-assembly. They can be made from a wide range of materials. Semiconductor nanowires made of silicon, gallium nitride and indium phosphide have demonstrated remarkable optical, electronic and magnetic characteristics (for example, silica nanowires can bend light around very tight corners).
Nanowires have potential applications in high-density data storage, either as magnetic read heads or as patterned storage media, and electronic and opto-electronic nanodevices, for metallic interconnects of quantum devices and nanodevices. The preparation of these nanowires relies on sophisticated growth techniques, which include selfassembly processes, where atoms arrange themselves naturally on stepped surfaces, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) onto patterned substrates, electroplating or molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The ‘molecular beams’ are typically from thermally evaporated elemental sources.
Currently, there are 52 nanowire products in our Nanowerk Nanomaterial Database. Please let us know if we missed a supplier or a product.

Specification Key: um = micrometer
Company Material Phase Diameter Length Specifications
EMFUTUR Aluminum Oxide powder
Novarials Aluminum Oxide powder 4nm 1um
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Bismuth powder <100nm 1-2um
US Nano Cadmium Selenide dispersion 7.5 nm Band edge abs 700 nm
US Nano Cadmium Selenide dispersion 15nm Band edge abs 710 nm
EMFUTUR Cobalt powder 200-300nm <200 um
EMFUTUR Copper powder 40-50nm <50 um
Kemix Copper powder 50nm 50 um
Plasmachem GmbH Copper powder 40-50nm <50um
Sisco Research Laboratories Copper powder 50nm 50 um
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Dysposium Oxide powder 25nm 225nm
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Gallium Phosphite powder <100nm 1-2um
EMFUTUR Gold powder
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Indium powder <100nm 1-2um
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Indium Phosphite powder <100nm 1-2um
Novarials Iron Hydroxide powder 50nm 10um
EMFUTUR Lead powder 60-100nm
Plasmachem GmbH Lead powder 80nm several mm
Novarials Manganese Oxide powder 40nm 20um
Nanotul Molybdenum powder
Nanotul Molybdenum Oxide powder
Novarials Molybdenum Oxide powder 50nm 20um
EMFUTUR Nickel powder 200-300nm <200 um
Novarials Nickel Hydroxide powder 50nm 50um
Novarials Nickel Oxide powder 50nm 20um
EMFUTUR Silicon powder
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Silicon powder <100nm 1-2um
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials Silicon Nitride powder 100nm 800nm
ACS Material Silver powder 60nm 20um Purity 99.5%
ACS Material Silver powder 200nm 25um Purity 99.5%
ACS Material Silver powder 120nm 20um Purity 99.5%
ACS Material Silver powder 40nm >30um Purity 99.5%
ACS Material Silver powder 50nm 200um Purity 99.5%
Blue Nano Silver powder 70-110nm 30um
Blue Nano Silver powder 20-50nm 15um
EMFUTUR Silver powder 40-50nm <50 um
EMFUTUR Silver dispersion 80-120nm <50 um
Kemix Silver powder 100nm 50um
nanoComposix, Inc. Silver powder 40-200nm 3-100um
NanoTechLabs Silver dispersion
Plasmachem GmbH Silver powder 200nm <50um
Plasmachem GmbH Silver powder 50nm <50um
Plasmachem GmbH Silver powder 100nm <50um
Seashell Technology, LLC Silver powder 75nm 2-100um
Sisco Research Laboratories Silver powder 100nm 50um
ACS Material Titania powder 100nm 10-30um
ACS Material Titania powder 10nm >10um
Novarials Titania powder 100nm 20um
Novarials Titania powder 10nm >10um
EMFUTUR Titanium Dioxide powder 50nm 20-30 um
Novarials Tungsten Oxide powder 50nm 20um
Novarials Vanadium Oxide powder 40nm 50um