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Posted: April 14, 2010

Gatan Announces A Breakthrough in SEM Planar Surface Preparation

(Nanowerk News) Gatan, Inc. is pleased to introduce the NEW Ilion+, a significant advance in the preparation of large planar cross sections for microscopic imaging and microanalysis.
The Ilion+ is a dedicated, ion beam based system for the preparation of large area planar cross sections from challenging SEM samples.
SEM cross-sectional image of C4 bump prepared at 6 keV, in 3 hours using Gatan Ilion+
SEM cross-sectional image of C4 bump prepared at 6 keV, in 3 hours using Gatan Ilion+.
The Ilion+ uses a proprietary milling system that exposes significantly greater areas than traditional FIB milling while encompassing a wider range of delicate samples not compatible with mechanical polishing and other techniques. The system is easy to install and operate allowing users to begin making samples quickly. The Ilion+ design is based on the proven Gatan PIPS™ (Precision Ion Polishing System).
"Our beta results for the Ilion+ confirm our economic model predictions of a threefold reduction in cost per sample when compared to FIB," reports Kevin Scudder, General Manager, Gatan, Inc.
Source: Gatan (press release)
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