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Posted: Feb 13, 2012

Raymor Nanotech Announces the Lowest Prices Ever for C-SWNT

(Nanowerk News) As part of its attendance of Nanotech Japan, the world biggest nanotechnology trade show, Raymor Nanotech takes the opportunity to announce a new pricing list. Raymor Nanotech takes another step towards becoming the world largest single-wall carbon nanotubes (C-SWNT) supplier.
The Company was already offering low prices for highly graphitized C-SWNT but as sales are increasing, Raymor Nanotech is pleased to announce it is reducing the price of its as-produced grade as low as 10 US$/g for orders of more than 1 kilogram. This breakthrough becomes possible because of our unique and fully scalable plasma torch process which was commissioned in 2011 and has a current production capacity of more than 500 kg per year.
Raymor Nanotech believes this announcement should further stimulate the commercial development of applications using SWNT. Raymor Nanotech management is confident that this will also encourage many researchers and companies actually working with multi-wall carbon nanotubes (C-MWNT) to move and upgrade to C-SWNT for some applications. Moreover, as volumes continue to increase, Raymor Nanotech is committed to continue to decrease pricing. The Company believes that C-SWNT pricing will compete in a reasonable future with C-MWNT in many applications where C-SWNT may show higher performances.
Raymor Nanotech C-SWNT as-produced grades show purity levels of at least 50%, are highly graphitized and without any C-MWNT in the deposit contrary to CVD techniques. They are actually in demand for applications in electronic materials, high performance coatings, new generation composite materials and drug delivery just to name a few. Also, new purified grades of C-SWNT are currently under development at Raymor Nanotech. These higher purity products will be launched within the next few months.
Raymor Nanotech is a division of Raymor Industries Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing of spherical metal powders and single-wall carbon nanotubes (C-SWNT).
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Source: Raymor Nanotech (press release)
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