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Posted: December 23, 2007

Nanotechnology applied to the aquatic environment

(Nanowerk News) In the framework of CEI (Central European Initiative) Cooperation Activity, the National Institute of Oceanography and of Experimental Geophysics OGS is organizing a workshop on Nanotechnologies@sea.
The meeting aims at joining together experts in the field of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials and experts involved in research and management of marine and freshwater systems in order to extend the use of nanotechnologies in sectors where their application is still in a developing phase.
Particular attention will be dedicated to processes in the aquatic environment, as well as to air sea interactions. The event is sponsored by CEI, therefore it is particularly dedicated to CEI countries, especially of the Adriatic region, being this area a site with already existing monitoring plans and characterized by an environment involved in strong interactions between hydrology, marine coastal areas and bio-geo-chemical cycles.
The final expected result of the meeting are:
  • Nanotechnology applied to the aquatic environmentthe enhancement of the cooperation in the field of nanotechnology for environmental studies between CEI countries;
  • Nanotechnology applied to the aquatic environmentthe creation of a network of institutions and high level technological SME for preparing research proposals funded by trans-national or EU bodies.
  • When: April 3-4, 2008
    Where: Trieste, Italy
    Source: National Institute of Oceanography and of Experimental Geophysics
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