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Posted: October 31, 2008

Nanoco Wins UKTI Business Innovation Award In The Clean Technologies Category

(Nanowerk News) Manchester based, Nanoco Technologies, manufacturer of heavy metal free quantum dots, has won the UKTI Business Innovation Award in the category of Clean Technologies.
The award was presented at the UK Nanoforum event run by the UK Trade & Industry and attended by ca. 350 people from around the world.
Dr Sergio Kapusta, Chief Technology Officer of Shell Global Solutions International presented the award. He highlighted Nanoco Technologies’ pioneering work in getting quantum dots into a number of green technology applications such as printable solar cells and solid state lighting and was excited to learn about the scale up technology which enables Nanoco to supply its customers with large amounts of quantum dots and thus open up this technology for mass market applications.
Michael Edelman of Nanoco Technologies receives the Clean Technology award from Sergio Kapusta, Chief Technology Officer, Shell Global Solutions International
Michael Edelman of Nanoco Technologies receives the Clean Technology award from Sergio Kapusta, Chief Technology Officer, Shell Global Solutions International.
Dr Michael Edelman who received the award on behalf of Nanoco Technologies gave special thanks to the Nanoco Team for their dedication and continued ability to innovate: ‘This award is an important recognition for the work we have been doing in commercializing quantum dots for use in clean technology applications. As the winner of the category, Nanoco Technologies also received a free exhibitor pod at Tokyo nano tech 2009, the worlds’ largest nanotechnology show which is held in February 2009.
About Nanoco Technologies (
Nanoco is a privately held nano-material science company that holds patents related to industrial-scale production of Quantum Dots. Quantum Dots are Fluorescent semi-conducting nanocrystals that can be used in a range of applications from next generation displays, solid state lighting and solar cells to biological imaging. The University of Manchester spinout was founded in 2001 and works in partnership with technology driven corporations to bring quantum dot based applications to the market around the world.
About UK Trade & Investment (
UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisation that helps UK-based companies succeed in an increasingly global economy. Its range of expert services are tailored to the needs of individual businesses to maximise their international success. We provide companies with knowledge, advice and practical support.
Source: Nanoco (press release)
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