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Posted: April 6, 2009

Conductive Nanotubes Composite can Increase Lithium Ion Battery Tap Density and Electrode Life

(Nanowerk News) Cost Effective Conductive Nanotubes based Composite Material for Lithium Ion Battery Applications now available. is pleased to announce that their new product, a Conductive Nanotubes Composite Material can increase both the tap density as well as the electrode life for Lithium Ion Battery Applications.
Cheaptubes' Conductive Nanotubes Composite is a Carbon Nanotubes based Conductive Additive for Lithium Ion Battery and other applications. It is a Nano Composite Material specifically designed for improving Lithium Ion Battery Performance. It is composed of Carbon Nanotubes and of grain electrode conductive additives. By adding grain electrode conductive additives to Carbon Nanotubes, the entangled Nanotubes are well separated. As the result, the Conductive Nanotubes Composite can be dispersed easily in Lithium Ion battery electrode materials. Additionally, due to the synergetic effect between the Carbon Nanotubes and the grain electrode materials, the discharge capacity and cycle life of Li-Ion battery can be improved remarkably.
Conductive Nanotubes Composite can Increase Lithium Ion Battery Tap Density and Electrode Life
Furthermore, after adding Conductive Nanotubes Composite additive, the tap density of battery electrode coatings can be increased by 10%. Using our Conductive Nanotubes Composite Additive, the cycle life of 700mAh053048 Li-ion battery can be prolonged by an order of magnitude over standard electrode materials.
Source: Cheaptubes
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