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Posted: Jul 27, 2013

Antimicrobial dentistry resins with zinc oxide nanoparticles

(Nanowerk News) Adding zinc oxide nanoparticles to dentistry resins maintains physical and mechanical properties of the resin and adds desirable antimicrobial properties.
According to Dr. Sara Tavassoli from the Dentistry Faculty at Shahed University, the aim of the research ("Antibacterial, physical and mechanical properties of flowable resin composites containing zinc oxide nanoparticles") was to obtain a composite resin whose mechanical and physical properties are not reduced by adding antibacterial properties.
“In this research, zinc oxide nanoparticles were added to a preventive and treatment material in the field of dentistry, and its antibacterial, mechanical, and physical properties were investigated at the same time,” she said.
According to Dr. Tavassoli, the antibacterial properties of dentistry resins improve while their physical or mechanical properties are not reduced when zinc oxide nanoparticles are added to the resins. Since cavity is an infectious disease and bacteria play an important role in it, the use of antibacterial composite resins will help very much the prevention of secondary cavity.
Results of the research showed that the addition of zinc oxide nanoparticles to the composite resin in all investigated percentages (1-5 weight percent) significantly decreases the growth of Streptococcus mutans, and it does not change the mechanical properties in 1-2 weight percentages.
Source: INIC
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