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Nanotechnology Conferences & Events

Nanotechnology Events in
July 2016
Date Location Event
Jul 3rd - Jul 8th Herrnstein (Austria) Nanotechnology in Medicine: From Molecules to Humans
Jul 4th - Jul 4th London (UK) Nanoparticle Characterisation - Challenges for the Community
Jul 4th - Jul 8th Thessaloniki (Greece) 6th International Exhibition on Nanotechnologies & Organic Electronics (NANOTEXNOLOGY 2016)
Jul 5th - Jul 8th Bled (Slovenia) Flatlands beyond graphene 2016
Jul 5th - Jul 8th Thessaloniki (Greece) 13th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies
Jul 6th - Jul 7th Warwick (UK) Scanning Probe Microscopy Meeting
Jul 10th - Jul 14th Bremen (Germany) Novel Approaches to fight bacteria
Jul 10th - Jul 14th Prague (Czech Republic) Self-organization in the World of Polymers
Jul 13th - Jul 15th Beijing (PR China) Second International Conference on Nanoenergy and Nanosystems 2016 (NENS2016)
Jul 17th - Jul 23rd Hainan Island (PR China) 24th Annual International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering
Jul 22nd - Jul 28th Erice (Italy) Workshop on Delocalized Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Nanoclusters
Jul 25th - Jul 27th Bangkok (Thailand) 10th International Conference on Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology in Health Care
Jul 25th - Jul 27th Aveiro (Portugal) 2nd International conference on Graphene Technology
Jul 25th - Jul 27th Aveiro (Portugal) 1st International conference on Spintronics Materials
Jul 25th - Jul 27th Aveiro (Portugal) 7th International conference on Advanced Nanomaterials
Jul 25th - Jul 29th St. Petersburg (Russia) 21st International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy
Jul 25th - Jul 29th Trieste (Italy) Long-Range-Interacting Many Body Systems: from Atomic to Astrophysical Scales
Jul 25th - Jul 29th Nottingham (UK) International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Jul 28th - Jul 29th Beijing (PR China) Global Conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology 2016 CHINA

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