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The mission of core facilities for nanoscience and nanotechnology at the Academia Sinica (NanoCore) is to support and promote the advanced research on nanoscience and nanotechnology, such as the studies on nanostructures, nanomaterials, probes and manipulation techniques, nanodevices, and nanobiotechnology.
Purpose of the program is to establish a national nanotechnology industry in Taiwan.
In order to upgrade the quality and image of nanoproducts, protect consumer welfare, and promote a sound development of the domestic nano industry, the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs initiated the promotion of a 'nanoproduct certification system' (nanoMARK).
NDL has been playing a significant role in support of universities in Taiwan for research and development in advance semiconductor process technologies, and educating and training high-tech people for the microelectronics industries.
This program will coordinate theresearch efforts from various government organizations to achieve objectives that follow the worldwide nanotechnology development trends.
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