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A unique program that was specifically authorized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
NANOSAM has been initiated as a competence centre within a structure of the Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics which belongs to the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the oldest educational and research institution in Central and Ea stern Europe.
The TEAM project carries out a project: Correlations and coherence in quantum materials and structures (CCQM) - unique properties on macro and nanoscales.
The Department of Soft Condensed Matter deals with research topics such as Hydrogen Storage in Nanoporous Materials, photonic crystals or self-assenbling systems.
Research includes organic conducting nanolayers, e.g. PANI films. Applications: sensors, FET, nanowiring, nano- and molecular electronics.
The European Center of Bio and Nanotechnology (ECBNT) at the Technical University of Lodz is an innovative scientific institution in Poland to provide the highest European teaching standards. The center will conduct research along with the world?s leading scientific institutes and EU research priorities (the EU Framework Programme).
The master's degree is the first step into graduate education. To enroll in a master's degree program, you'll need to have earned an undergraduate degree in a comparable field. All physics undergraduates who have completed their 3rd year of studies can enroll on this 4-term course after which they will receive Master degrees at both Polish and French Universities. The 2-year programme is available for individual students as well as groups.
The NanoCentre focuses on: processing, modelling and characterisation of structure and properties of nanomaterials.
CAMAN is an interdisciplinary research university network.
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