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The objective of SNU Graphene Research Lab. is to develop futuristic 2-dimensional nanomaterials with enhanced physical/chemical/biological and electrical/mechanical/optical properties, which can be applied to overcome the current limits of IT/BT/ET technologies.
Research on nano-scale hybrid systems comprised of solid state devices and organic materials.
The Major research activities in nano fabrication laboratory (NFL) are focused into two important technologies in materials science and engineering, which are nanotechnology and thin-film technology. For the contribution in nanotechnology, the key technology, the quantum dot formation is investigated by two major methods to form quantum dot, which are top-down and bottom-up approaches.
The institute integrates innovative research on nanosystems with far-reaching interdisciplinary education.
Site of the Korea-Sweden Carbon Based Nanostructure Research Center (KSCNR).
The overall goal of the Center's research program is to understand the physics of low-dimensional structures, and to push the limits of sensitivity and spatial resolution in the measurement of nanomaterials, by designing multi-modal nanoscopy systems.
The center studies nanoscience and chemical reactions using basic science to find comprehensive solutions for dealing with the environmental and energy-related problems that face future generations.
The center focuses its research on the synthesis of nanoparticles and respective applications. In particular, they intensively study the unlimited application potential for nanoparticles in the medical and energy sectors.
The ultimate goal of Choi's Group is to develop a biochip which can be used as a new generation electronic devices. In order to achieve those things, Choi's Group has studied the fundamental and advanced techniques involved in the development of the bio memory.
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