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A new institute supported by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
The primary goal of HINT is the development of core technologies on nanomaterials, processes and devices for human interface systems.
The goals of CINAP are to perform outstanding research in the fields of fundamental and applied physics of low-dimensional structures and to produce young scientists committed to nanophysics and nanoscience.
The group works on the synthesis of nanostructures, nano generators, sensors, LEDs, and hybrid solar cells.
This lab focuses on the fabrication of flexible integrated circuits for applications in electronics and biotechnology. They seek to exploit interesting properties of nanomaterials, and develop methods for fabrication of devices with unconventional geometries (i.e. flexible and stretchable forms) using diverse nanomaterials.
The group focuses on developing the next-generation nanoparticle system in which various components are integrated to show multitasking and enhanced chemical and physical properties.
The lab deals with micro/nano master fabrication and micro/nano molding technology.
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