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The group is interested in studying the behavior of advanced material systems at the nanoscale. Particular material systems of interest include polymers and polymer nanocomposites, as well as thin film and piezoelectric materials of interest in MEMS applications.
The Multiscale Science, Engineering, and Technology research thrust at Stevens seeks to establish the knowledge base necessary to develop and implement nanotechnology-enabled solutions spanning a broad spectrum of engineering and science disciplines. Rooted in nanoscale science yet focused on real-world problems, these emerging technologies will have transformative value in areas of national and global interest including energy, health, electronics, communications, the environment, and national security.
The goal of the Nanotechnology Graduate Program is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that provides stimulating and cross-fertilizing educational training in nanotechnology to contribute to the Institute's research excellence in related frontiers while preserving strong disciplinary fundamentals.
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