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Product: Mowilith

Manufacturer: Celanese

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Paint



Celanese Introduces Mowilith® Nano Technology Platform for the Next Generation of Exterior Coatings

Acrylate/silicon dioxide hybrid emulsion creates an inorganic nano-structure on coated surfaces for enhanced durability and performance.

The Mowilith Nano emulsion is built from an organic, pure acrylic polymer and an inorganic SiO2 phase. The two phases are chemically linked to ensure a homogeneous nano-scaled distribution of both phases throughout the entire film. When used in a coating, Mowilith Nano helps create a truly nano-structured surface. The nanostructure is responsible for the durability, weathering and low dirt pick up properties of the product. It also helps paints achieve the highest quality standards for water vapour permeability. Paints made with Mowilith Nano also exhibit excellent fire retardant properties.

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