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Product: WaterTap

Manufacturer: Seldon

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Environment → Drinking Water Filtration



Seldon has developed a new nanostructured nonwoven material : "nanomesh" that is produced in a scalable reel to reel process. Our filtration products are built upon the amazing material properties of the carbon nanotube which include: large surface area, great strength, light weight, high electrical conductivity, rapid heat transport. This unique form of carbon lends itself to processing that transforms the material into an adsorptive media attracting contaminants to its surface.

The Seldon WaterTap uses Seldon's unique carbon nanomaterial to absorb contaminants from water. The WaterTap creates drinking water by removing bacteria, virus, cysts and other contaminants without the need for heat, ultraviolet light, chemicals, electricity, or waiting time.

Seldon WaterTap

The Seldon WaterTap is a dual-cartridge water treatment system designed for residential water systems. Its dual cartridge system will provide great tasting water safe drinking water to a family of four for a full year. The system removes harmful pathogens and contaminants in water such as virus, bacteria, cysts and spores at a high flow rate. The WaterTap produces clean crisp tasting water to the USEPA Drinking Water Standard. IT leaves essential minerals in the water; it does not waste water and it reliably mitigates taste and odor issues. The WaterTap unit is designed to fit under the sink in a kitchen. It does not require any power to operate; thereby saving electrical usage costs.

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