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Product: CNT Field Emission Thin Film

Manufacturer: Xintek

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Information and Communications Technology → Displays



In addition to field emission grade CNT materials, Xintek has also developed proprietary thin film deposition technologies capable of producing patterned CNT films with excellent field emission properties. Combined with standard photolithography techniques, the technologies can also be used to assemble CNT emitters into triode structures to make full-color field emission displays.

Advantages of Xintek's CNT Thin Film Technologies

* Room temperature deposition

* Deposited films are adherent to various kinds of substrates (ITO glass, printed Ag electrodes, doped Si wafer, Si wafer with metal film, etc)

* Rigid control over the film thickness (0.5µm < d < 50 µm)

* Excellent field emission properties of the deposited CNT films (uniform electron field emission in large area, low turn-on field and long lifetime, etc)

A field emission image of an array of CNT dots of 2mm in diameter

A field emission image of an array of CNT dots of 2mm in diameter (1.55V/µm)

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