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Product: SilvaGard

Manufacturer: AcryMed

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Medical → Antimicrobial



SilvaGard is a breakthrough development in the area of anti-infective solutions to improve the efficacy of indwelling and implantable medical devices, while reducing the risk of deadly medical device-related infections. By employing the antimicrobial properties of ionic silver, SilvaGard renders virtually all medical device materials impervious to infection-causing biofilms.

SilvaGard antimicrobial treatment

SilvaGard treatment is neither a direct incorporation method, nor a traditional coating process, but rather a proprietary technology for creating submicroscopic silver nanoparticles on the surfaces of devices to provide an anti-infective barrier. SilvaGard treated surfaces can provide for a programmable duration of antimicrobial efficacy, lasting days, weeks or months.

Due to its ability to tenaciously bond to surfaces, SilvaGard does not require an intermediate layer and can uniformly treat all exposed surfaces, without altering the device?s original mechanical or physical properties. The SilvaGard treatment can be easily adapted to existing manufacturing processes and is compatible with current sterilization methods.

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