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Product: EMACO Nanoconcrete

Manufacturer: BASF

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Concrete → Repair Mortar



Improving Repair Mortars with Nanotechnology

At the level of sand and cement, special inorganic additives and best binder packing models are used within all of the products in the EMACO NanoCrete range to ensure filler gradings are optimised. This improves technical performance e.g. density, tensile and compressive strength and freeze thaw resistance. Practical application properties such as thixotropy, non-slumping and finishing properties are also improved.

Quantum Dot Enhanced Cell

Nanotechnology does not mean nano-sized particles. Our better understanding of cement hydration has allowed us to improve the quality and density of the nanostructures in cement paste.

This reduces micro-defects in the systems and improves bond between the cement matrix and the aggregate, as well as the cement mortar with the substrate. Physical properties such as tensile strength are improved to reduce the possibility of cracking. This is the basis of applied nanotechnology in cement systems.

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