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Product: Carbon Fluoride Battery

Manufacturer: Contour Energy Systems

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Energy → Energy Storage → Electrical Energy → Battery



Through material advancements in the initial carbon stage and the process that introduces fluorine, Contour fundamentally changes the atomic structure of the carbon fluoride compound. This patented process enables the production of advanced material with significant benefits including substantial increases in energy and power density, reliable operation in extreme operating conditions, extended shelf life and no overheating or passivation.

Contour is also breaking new ground by using nano-materials that offer superior properties in its battery systems that can be optimized for specific applications. Because Contour controls the cathode manufacturing process, it has the ability to make strategic changes to manufacturing properties that will alter the cathode's physical structure at the atomic level. This 'Tunable Cathode' provides customers with batteries featuring a higher energy density, a higher power density, a longer shelf life, or some combination of these and other characteristics. This is significant because every application has unique needs that cannot be satisfied optimally by off-the-shelf batteries. With a simple modification to Contour's material process, customers can acquire a battery system that addresses their specific performance requirements.

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