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Product: CERATOM

Manufacturer: Termiona

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Energy → Energy Distribution → Heat Transfer → Heat Exchanger



CERATOM technology is based on application of specific novelty material with no analogs at the contemporary international thermal electricity market. Such material is represented by ceramic-like CERATOM layer developed by TERMIONA company.

Air-to-air heat sink with applied CERATOM layer
Air-to-air heat sink with applied CERATOM layer

When producing ceramic-like CERATOM layer that is the base of our main heat-conducting system we apply more than 10 proprietary TERMIONA know-hows. Our layers allow to produce thermoelectric systems of new generation with nanostructured composite heat passage lines opening for thermal electricity the completely new market segments. Active semi-conductive structure is mechanically disengaged from heat transfer sections thus allowing to remove heat load from active thermoelectric structure and carry over thereof on the aluminum heat-conducting plates without any destructive impact of the linear material expansion effect.

Minimization of thickness of CERATOM ceramic-like layer provides its high sustainability in respect of any mechanical impacts whatsoever. The point is that thickness of ceramic layer in the new generation TERMIONA thermoelectric modules is 10 times less that the thickness of an ordinary thermoelectric module ceramic lamina. When creating active module structure technologies of setting up multi-layer coatings are applied that provide sufficient reliability and durability of the entire structure thereof, the efficient functioning of our non-ceramic thermoelectric system inclusive.

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