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Product: Medusa

Manufacturer: Flamel Technologies

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Medical → Drug Delivery



Medusa® is a proprietary nanogel for the formulation and/or the extended release of a broad range of biologics (including proteins, antibodies, peptides and vaccines) and of small molecules (injectable drugs). The nanogel has been proven to be safe and biodegradable: Flamel Technologies filed a DMF for Medusa with the FDA in February 2011.

Medusa nanogel

Medusa enables the controlled delivery of non-denatured or non-modified drugs that remain fully active (as opposed to protein engineering or chemical modification approaches such as PEGylation). It is used to develop Biobetters with potentially improved efficacy, reduced toxicity and enhanced patient compliance. In addition, DeliVax (pending trademark), Medusa's vaccine applications, permits the efficient formulation of vaccines or combinations of vaccines.

The design of the Medusa nanogels allows non-covalent capture and subsequent delivery of fully active drugs; because the drug are not chemically modified, Flamel believes that there is less risk associated with Medusa development programs than would exist using other chemical engineering techniques.

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