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Product: NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology

Manufacturer: Nanophase Technologies

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Glass



The NanoUltra product portfolio gives professional window cleaners, window restoration specialists, and building managers the opportunity to provide the next generation of window cleaning technology. These revolutionary nanotechnology products also offer window cleaning companies the ability to reduce their customers' overall window maintenance costs, while creating new revenue streams and improved profitability.

NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology works by using nano cerium oxide to provide both a chemical and mechanical polishing mechanism to polish the glass. Then, a transparent treatment is applied that repels dirt and grime deposits. When the protected surface is exposed to a water source, the water is transformed into a thin sheeting layer and dirt is easily rinsed away. During this sheeting action, also called a "hydrophilic" effect, water spreads evenly over the window surface to flush the surface clean, accelerates drying and leaves a virtually spotless finish.

The NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology is a two-step process that first cleans and polishes windows back to 'like new' condition then, provides an invisible protection to keep windows cleaner longer than traditional window cleaning products.

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